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What is the "Bitch of the Day"?

Every day, millions of people have something that they want to bitch (slang for "COMPLAIN") about. At, we feel that 15 minutes of fame aren't enough, so we're giving everyone a chance to feel special and important by listing their -- "Bitch of the Day".

Here's a bitch from the past...


(Joe from Bodhisattva, PA)
The cunts that work in local government. They send out all the tax forms, you pay, 8 months later you get a notice saying you never paid. You go back with reciepts in hand to prove you paid and there"Nothing they can do for you"... You are then sent to another office 12 miles away, you get there and they say you need to go back to the first office. Fuck you, fuck your daughter, fuck you mother and fuck your fucking dog, I hate you all, I hope you all eat a bag of dicks, choke and die.

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