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What is the "Bitch of the Day"?

Every day, millions of people have something that they want to bitch (slang for "COMPLAIN") about. At, we feel that 15 minutes of fame aren't enough, so we're giving everyone a chance to feel special and important by listing their -- "Bitch of the Day".

Here's a bitch from the past...


(Joe from Bodhisattva, PA)
"Smile, be happy", "you should appreciate what you have", "life is good", "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade", "think positive", "don't worry", "everything will be okay".... these are just a few of the many queer phrases I hear everyday that make me want to kick someone's fucking teeth in. I don't think negatively, I think realistically... next dick to tell me to "think with a positive state of mind" is getting kicked in his pussy-whipped, empty, little, nutless sack.

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